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We've got places to go, things to do, and Members to meet... So let's start from the left of the picture above and go clockwise, shall we? Please help me welcome:


PATHworks! is the brainchild of a very dear friend of mine, Patricia Wicks. I've known Patricia for I-don't-know-how-many years and of all the wonderful things I could say about her (and there are many wonderful things I could say about her!), the one I most want you all to know is that she is absolutely passionate about helping kids and teens develop the tools they need to be successful adults.

To be AdultReady, if you will.

And in all those years I've known her, she's been busy doing just that for hundreds of kids! Just check out the Highlights and Feedback on the PATHworks! About page and you'll get some idea of the incredible impact she's had.

As Patricia says, "AdultReady Teens build a strong foundation, solid academic behaviors, and make active decisions to thrive in academics and in life." And that's just all kinds of awesome.

Because life isn't all about the grades, but the grades help our kids get to where they want to go in life.

Peak Auto Sales

Know what else helps people get where they want to go..?

I'm gonna bet you guessed "a car" and if my bet is correct, so are you! And it's super cool that we now have Peak Auto Sales just east of Copley Circle for when we need to get us one of those.

This is a second location for Peak (their first being in Medina) and they say quite simply, "We opened with one goal in mind which is to provide the highest quality pre-owned automobiles."

They're proud of the vehicles they offer, and rightfully so! They have a broad selection of years, makes, and models at the ready and waiting for their new owner. I've spent a fair amount of time scrolling through the cars listed on their website, myself, and have a nice little wish list going.

Wonder if I'll be lucky enough for that Boxster to still be there when I'm ready to go for it...

Master Pizza

Now, anyone on the go knows that you need to fuel up now and then, and sometimes that fuel needs to be pizza!

Coming soon will be a new place for that particular pit stop with a Master Pizza at Ridgewood Crossing. Their mission: "To become the best neighborhood pizzeria by elevating everything we do from good to great."

And you can be a part of that mission, yourself! It just so happens that Master Pizza is currently hiring for all positions to get ready for their Grand Opening in late October.

But for those of you simply anxious for a slice, you can totally start revvin' up your tastebuds now. Find your favorites by scoping out their menu online and maybe even heading to their Medina location on 18 near 71 for a preview.

I can personally recommend both the Manhattan and Extreme Veggie options while my husband recommends the sausage - Medina was our particular pit stop on Friday.

Be sure to keep up with PATHworks!, Peak Auto Sales, and Master Pizza through the socials if you've got 'em, and remember that you can always find them in The Loop!

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