2 Neighborly New Members

Did you know that the Sharon Center Circle is just 5 miles west down Copley Road from our very own Copley Circle?

It is. I googled it.

And did you know that a very cool non-profit organization by the name of Access the Arts was started a few years ago not only to bring music and life to Sharon Center Circle, but also to provide "exposure to the arts and interactive opportunities for the elderly, at-risk youth, and those with special needs"?

It was. And The Loop is super excited to welcome Access the Arts as a new member!

After a wonderful conversation with the organization's President, Jane Beck, I could bend your ear a while telling you all about the great work being done but space here is far too short to do it justice. Instead, I highly encourage you to read more on their website, follow them on Facebook and/or Instagram, and know that you can always find them listed on the Organizations page of loopincopley.com if the need arises.

And, of course, I'll be sharing tidbits on our own socials periodically so be sure and keep an eye on those along with the Loop Calendar where their events will be added. Several have been added already but there are more to come!

Meanwhile, speaking of Sharon...

Did you know that vanilla comes from the fruit of a vining orchid whose bloom must be pollinated within 24 hours or it'll die?

It does. I googled it.

And did you know that there's a very nice lady from Sharon Center by the name of Amy Lambermont who is Crazy About Vanilla and makes ridiculously marvelous things like vanilla sugars (loose and cubed!), salts (yes, salts!), and caramels (even vegan!)?

There is. And The Loop is equally excited to welcome Crazy About Vanilla as a new Maker Member.

Of course, some of you may have already discovered Amy's vanilla goodies thanks to Jacobs Heritage Farm who has been playing with, posting about, and even sometimes selling them since late last Summer. But if you've somehow missed all that along the way, you can now discover them, too, and can even give her a follow on Facebook.

It's always fun to learn about a neighbor doing awesome things, but learning about two from a sister township just right down the road..? Well, now. That's a good day.

Plus: 50% Discount Ending!

Wednesday's the last day to take advantage of the introductory price of a Looper Community Subscription!

This new service from The Loop is a great way for you to save while supporting our members, to learn more about the Copley community, and to know that you've had a hand in keeping The Loop rolling.

Right now, it's only $12 for a full year of access to exclusive Loop Member content, connections, and coupon codes, but the price will go up on Thursday just as the April Looper News email goes out.

And, hey, just so's you know.... coming up in April, there'll be chances to save on summer classes at Spring Garden Waldorf School, your favorite Springtime tea from Tea Dude, and more!

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